Getting Ansible running from a Windows 10 machine

A quick guide to getting Ansible running on Windows 10 with a certificate auth to an Ubuntu server.

Migrating a Hyper-V VM to Proxmox

A quick guide about how I migrated my VMs from Hyper-V to Proxmox.

Setting up Proxmox Storage

A quick guide to how to setup a simple Proxmox cluster’s storage on multiple nodes with both ext4 directory and ZFS storage.

Adding a previously used storage (i.e. physical) drive to Proxmox

A quick guide to wiping an old drive so Proxmox will allow you to add it as an LVM.

Getting Mongo DB running locally in a container

A quick guide to getting a MongoDB container running on your machine with persistent storage and a username and password.

Scripts for creating a kubeconfig for a new user in Kubernetes

A single script for creating a kubeconfig file for a user who can read pod, service and ingress details within a specific namespace as well as run kubectl exec against those pods.