Build container from Visual Studio built Dockerfile

If you need to build a project using the Visual Studio generated Dockerfile, you need to run docker build from the solution folder and specify the file. Assuming the project you are working is called Your.Project.Api and this is theRead More

Run an NGINX server for a folder

Set up an NGINX container to expose a website via a specific port.

Build a Docker container from your SQL backup

A quick guide to getting a SQL Server container up and running with a database backup pre-loaded.

Getting Mongo DB running locally in a container

A quick guide to getting a MongoDB container running on your machine with persistent storage and a username and password.

A simple testing mail server

Simple instructions on how to install a testing mail server using Docker.

Getting a local Seq instance up and running

A quick guide on how to get a local Seq instance running in Docker on Windows.

.NET 5, Docker and Custom NuGet Server

When using a custom NuGet server and you’ve added a NuGet.config file to the solution, you’ll need to add the following line to the default Dockerfile build by Visual Studio to allow the container to be built. This should beRead More