A recipe for making a homemade beef lasagne for four people.


A simple yet tasty recipe for homemade shortbread biscuits.

Adding Serilog to an Application and Pointing it at Seq

A quick guide to adding Serilog to your .NET Core/.NET 5 application and pointing at Seq.

.NET 5, Docker and Custom NuGet Server

When using a custom NuGet server and you’ve added a NuGet.config file to the solution, you’ll need to add the following line to the default Dockerfile build by Visual Studio to allow the container to be built. This should beRead More

Seq on Kubernetes

This guide will tell you how to set up an HTTPS protected sec instance. This is using LetsEncrypt with cert-manager to get an SSL certificate so it assumes your Seq instance is public facing. It also uses Longhorn for storage.Read More

Forcibly terminating a Kubernetes pod

Run the following command, replacing the italics with your pod’s name. Use -n namespace if your pod is in another namespace.


This ‘blog’ will contain everything from a recommended link all the way through to a full guide on something. It’s intended to be aide-mémoire for myself primarily but hopefully will prove useful to others out there too.