Set up local Redis container

To set up a local Redis container that automatically starts up on reboot, run the following command:

Yarn setup for Express API with TypeScript

This article talks through the process of setting up a basic Express API using TypeScript and Yarn for package management instead of NPM.

Bitbucket, SSH auth, Visual Studio (2019) and VS Code

To get SSH key authentication working with Bitbucket from with both Visual Studio (2019 to be precise) and VS Code can be challenging. Some commands I’ve used are below. VS Code Visual Studio 2019 This requires Git being installed fromRead More

Delete a Kubernetes Namespace Stuck “Terminating”

Run the following command, replacing my-namespace with the name of your namespace to delete. Solution found on Stack Overflow.

Kaniko Setup for an Azure DevOps Linux build agent

A guide to using Kaniko on a Kubernetes-hosted Azure DevOps build agent.

Build container from Visual Studio built Dockerfile

If you need to build a project using the Visual Studio generated Dockerfile, you need to run docker build from the solution folder and specify the file. Assuming the project you are working is called Your.Project.Api and this is theRead More

Longhorn Restart

If your Longhorn setup gets ‘stuck’, run this script to trigger a restart of all the Longhorn pods. If you wish to make this script executable, save it to a file (e.g. and put the following as the firstRead More

Run an NGINX server for a folder

Set up an NGINX container to expose a website via a specific port.

Running an Azure DevOps Build Agent in Kubernetes

A quick guide to setting up one or more Azure DevOps build agents in Kubernetes.